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Our Story

Get to Know Us

Our journey began in the downstairs area of our founder’s home, where we created a loving and homey atmosphere that still resonates in our development center today. While we have expanded into larger, commercial space, we have never lost sight of our core values and the importance of creating a welcoming environment where every child feels at home. What sets us apart is our commitment to helping children learn, grow, and develop into healthy, happy individuals.



About Platinum Family Group Daycare

At Platinum Daycare, childcare and learning goes hand in hand! Our purpose is to help maintain family life by providing high quality childcare for infants, toddlers and before and after school. As a licensed facility by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, we intend to provide a stimulating environment, with opportunity for children to participate in a wide variety of experiences that will help meet their developmental needs:

Social, Emotional, Intellectual, and Physical 


We are CPR, First Aid and Health & Safety Certified. We have been Fingerprinted through L1 Enrollment. We maintain a structured and safe environment so you can feel comfortable having your child spend the day with us. 

Our Goals:


  • To give each child a sense of safety, confidence, self worth and love.

  • To use age appropriate materials and teaching techniques to encourage each child as an individual.
  • To prepare the children for future education and help them develop a positive attitude about learning at an early age.     
  • To provide a positive environment with loving and qualified providers.
  • To aid in the facilitation of social interaction with his or her peers, in addition learning to be independently confident.


We believe that time frame between 6 weeks and up are the most crucial time for the development of milestones, whether they are academic and/or motor skills. Our philosophy at Platinum Family Daycare is to provide a warm, attentive, safe; thus family-oriented environment in which children can express their creativity, develop social skills and build trusting relationships. We provide a positive stimulating atmosphere whereby children can develop language, fine motor and gross motor skills.


Children should always be given proper individualized attention and be constantly encouraged, hugged, respected and accepted.

Why Choose Platinum Daycare?

There are a multitude of daycare options available to parents in our area. Why choose a group daycare?


  • Care from experienced, college-educated mothers

  • Certified Teachers

  • Excellent professional references

  • Facility is fully-licensed and insured

  • Certification in infant and child CPR and First Aid

  • Age appropriate toys and educational activities

  • Small group of children, to ensure individual attention

  • Diverse age group, to foster socialization skills



In The News:

We are excited to launch our new website

Please Join Us In Welcoming Our Newest and First Students "Platinum Prep"

3rd Location


Opening New 2nd Location in Brooklyn in September 2019!

We have been operating at 1571 East 58th St., Brooklyn, NY 11234 for close to 10 years. 


Now, we are opening a second location in downtown Brooklyn, on 459 Third Ave., in September 2019. 


Please contact us to arrange for a visit!

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