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Live Webcam System

Parents who work full-time may wonder what they’re missing when they send their kids to daycare. Those wondering days are over. Platinum Daycare is the first daycare in Brooklyn to provide a live camera service where parents can watch their kids in real time. This technology is not just about monitoring.

— Its about meeting classic milestones like first steps, or later ones like the first time a toddler 

    puts on her own  


— it’s about parents feeling more connected.

The cameras and the website are meant to enhance communication between parents and caregivers, and between parents and their kids. They aren’t replacing traditional ways of communicating — they’re adding to them.


We offer you a glimpse into your child’s day with the use of our webcams. From work or home you can see into your child’s day giving you conversation and project ideas for at home. Login to see the smile on your child’s face and their learning in action!


Parents MUST keep their passwords confidential and NEVER give them to children and/or non-family members.



How it works:

            -     Our facility has stationary security cameras outside of the facility and in each classroom. Cameras  

                  are available for parents and/or legal guardians to view their child throughout the day.

           -     The access for the classroom cameras is granted through a password protected website link. 

                  Access  is provided only to parents and/or legal guardians.

            -     Only one log-in is issued per parent. For the safety of all the children in the classroom, parents    

                  should not share their log-in with others, including extended family members. We ask that parents 

                  restrict their viewing to 15 minute increments to provide opportunity for all families to access the 

                  webcams without delay.

            -    Our webcam software is compatible with MAC/Apple (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) products along with 

                 Android-based devices. 


Please know that we will do our best to keep this system up ad running at all times for your convenience. Due to technical difficulties, however, the system may be down at times. Give the center a call if you notice a malfunction. 

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